Case studies on effects of brushing

Do you believe that tooth brushing can help you to maintain the oral hygiene? If you answered "No.", you should stay here! You are the only person who can protect yourself from the periodontal disease. The aim of this page is to let you know how tooth brushing works. Some pictures of my ex-patients will also help your understanding.

Case1 (A 38 yrs-old male)
Initial oral conditions
You may have impression from the above picture that teeth are cleaned up very well. Please watch carefully. Can you see the slimy teeth surfaces (dental plaque) and black lines on the border of the teeth and gingival tissues (dental tartar)? You can also see the gingival inflammation.

Though the gigival tissues slightly bleed, patients in this condition usually don't have subjective symptom. Thus, few people go to the dental offices at this stage. Don't miss the sign!

2 months later
1.5 months later
This picture shows the improvement of the gingival tissue after careful (advanced?) brushing for 1.5 months You may feel that the oral condition gets dirty. The reason is that the tartar appear from the gingival pocket. Don't misunderstand! This is a good sign of the improvement. Since the gingival inflammation decrease, now you can see the space of the gingival margin clearly.
1.5 years later
The improvement is obvious now. It took about 18 months to get this stage. This kind of care is really time-consuming. You can avoid it by doing the "correct" tooth brushing every day. It's a life-time work to maintain your oral health!
The above case is a good example to understand the brushing is effective to improve the gingivitis. Just try to brush your teeth, whether you trust me or not. It is impossible to extinguish the bacterium causing peridontitis, so they live in the oral tissue all the time. The everyday's "correct" brushing is easy, cheap and good treatment method. Let's keep on brushing every day!
The point is to "scrub off" the dental plaque by using a brush. It is not necessary to use the expensive tooth paste for the periodontal disease. The chemicals in the tooth paste don't decompose the dental plaque so much. The mechanical action like brushing is much more important.

It should be also pointed out that many bacterium causing periodontitis hate the air. You can break lump of the mature plaque by brushing so that bacterium become exposed to the air. This prevents increasing the bacterium. Your general condition gets better spontaneously only by removing the plaque, as far as it's not in very bad condition.

Case2(A 59 yrs-old female)

Our initial diagnosis was that this patient would have to use full denture in near future. However, she did her best to brush her teeth. As a result of the improvement, she needs only partial denture for the rest of her life. Not full denture!

Initial oral conditions
The tissues demonstrate swelling, especially on the left-hand side of the gingival.
At first,we thought this patient had to use full denture in near future. But she did her best to brush her teeth,so she will be able to eat using partial denture only.

In this condition,the subjective symptom is the bad breath, and the pain in the case of the bad general conditions.

After the improvement of the gingival tissue by the brushing
The first conditions was the bleeding from the gigival tissues by the brushing in spite of changing to the soft tooth brushing, but getting better in the gingival condition. The swelling of the gingival tissues was decreasing,and the dental caries was appeared. Not enough thooth brushing,the dentists cannot do the caries treatment satisfactorily. The swelling gingival tissues disturb the caries treatment and the dental immpression.
Setting Temporary crown
We completed the first stage of the periodontal treatments,we set temporary crown. So it was getting natural in oral view. It took aout one year to this level,but it is not enough.
A periodic examination
We set final crown,it was getting better aestheticaly. But this is the start line to maintain the oral health care. Because the patients tend to neglect to brush their teeth before the next reriodic examination. Let's maintain the oral health care ,because of not return to the hateful treatment.

Case3(A 17 year old male)
Teen's periodotitis

Teenagers tend to be taken perriodontitis recently. In many cases because of bad general coditions,but only poor oral hygiene progress the symptoms usually.
Initial oral conditions
This patient had a crowding,so he could not brush his teeth well. He was advised to take the orthodontic treatment.
But he came to our office for the periodontitis was getting worse during the orthodontic treatment.
two months later
At first,he couldn't brush his teeth disturbing by the orthodontic wire. But he was well trained in brushing,he could brush well by using mirror.
The retention of orthodontic treatment
He took long time to brush his teeth with orthodontic appliance till then. but he said he could brush easier after removing orthodontic wire. It appears the interdental space as a result of decrease of swelling in gingival tissue. We can never remove the dental plaque without inserting the tooth brush in this space.
Insert a brush head into the space like using tooth pick.
A periodic examination
He recovered the oral health highly. But it partially remains gingival pokets two times depth as compared with normal. He can't maintain the oral health by himself.
I think it is difficult to go to the dental office, if once canceled the reservation. I surely think the doctor and staff are anxious about your oral health. You have better to find courage to call for reservation again.
We are truly anxious about.....